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 League Drama

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League Drama Empty
PostSubject: League Drama   League Drama EmptyFri Oct 17, 2014 6:13 pm

Just wondering how some of your leagues are going? Have any fights and drama this year? Here is my argument with this guy who has been a pain in my ass. He doesn't know the rules after his 3 years in league no matter how many times I explain. Below is his post at the bottom then my response here at top. I didn't put in all his texts blasting me so you can't see it all. But gives you an idea. Was I too harsh? Am I an ass or is he?

MILE HEISMEN - You don't even know how stupid and laughable you sound with this post and previous group texts. Just saying. When you decide to bring it out in the open for everyone to see and question my integrity I suggest you get your facts straight. Also you forgot to mention your texts sent to me that I Suck, the league should fold, and I should rename the league Ty's kiss asses. I miss anything? I'm sure I did. Your the one that wants this out for everyone to hear so don't hold back bro. When you say I play favorites name names and give examples. When you say silly things like someone is kept for 3 years uncontested tell me what owner and what player your talking about and I'll be sure set you straight on that BS. If I knew you wanted Brady and put in for him as per the rules allow then cry all you want cuz I wouldn't give a shit. But truth be told, I didn't know as you emailed Deb and not me dumb ass. I never even knew you wanted him till now. Check your email and who you sent it to. That's getting your facts straight. Who's my favorites? Thats straight up funny. Please tell just out of pure curiosity who they are and how I helped them. I'll admit Kevin (Fleshy Headed Mutants) is my good buddy. I've been in leagues with him for 2 decades. When he asked to move draft date from Labor Day Weekend I said sorry, no. See you next year. Did I play favorites with him, my best friend? I don't play favorites. Are you talking about Oscar who I told him to drive to my house and pay cash on deadline? Maybe it's Joe who still gives me shit that he couldn't keep Rodgers and had to pay out his ass to get him. Are you talking about Chad cuz cuz he is winning and I talk his team up? I don't know him on a personal level outside of fantasy but what he is doing had never been done in this league or any probably and I will acknowledge it. Does that make him my favorite? Is it Bob who got the short end of the stick having to go to auction with 2 studs at a low salary? New Guy? He lost rights to D Thomas (same as me) for the merge. Who the Fuck are you talking about!!'!!!!' If your pissed that much that we had a merge and you didn't like it why the Hell are you here? Don't blame me you passed on keeping L Bell uncontested for about $4. You rolled the dice on going to auction with Rodgers. Don't blame me that the price soared and you sat thru a silent breakdown with sweat beads rolling down your forehead and your face turning red with anger. You had choices like the rest of us. Besides, I didn't spring the merge on you after you paid. I spent hours, days, weeks, planning and fine tuning rules to make it the fairest possible.. I made payment rules and deadlines strict because I got screwed over twice. I put up with complaints constantly (mostly from you) and do it all for free! I spent 4 hours cleaning windows and scrubbing the oven in the clubhouse on draft day. Not to mention entering all players and contracts and sending countless texts and emails to the league. You don't know all the things I do and deal with and you come at me like that? Your welcome. I'd like to punch you in the fucking mouth. With that said I'm not kicking you out of the league and I'll still send you an invite next year. You broke no rules and I enjoyed giving this league a little article to read. It's been a little quiet in here and every superhero needs his villain. That's all I got for now. Until our next chat - GO FUCK YOURSELF. With love, Ty

ONE BOURBON, ONE SCOTCH, ONE BEER - Nice scumbag move Ty on picking up Brady. Seeing how I put him for him last week and then confided in you and Deb that I'd like to pick him up this week. But no! The commish has to screw other teams over. Wish I was favorite of the commish. Then I could keep uncontested players for 3 years.
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League Drama

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